Reading intimate things and feeling antsy about it

It is this website called or Wattpad. It has rated R books and people write ryed R books and they tell yyou about it and some don't. I read books that don't and are rated PG-13  and when it gets to the intimate parts I get antsy or like it is awkward, but I continue because that's not what its about. I still feel weird about it. Is that right? Am i suppose to feel that way or.............? But I don't know and I need some advise.I read books off of this website called  

What do you mean "antsy"? Like are you nervous or turned on or what?

if your meaning of "antsy" is the same as my meaning of "antsy" and you read something hot............feeling that way is totally normal lol

Are you.. confused on certain words they use for body parts or something?


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