Period questions and other

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at what age did you first get it? I'm 12 and I got it yesterday :Owhere did you first get it? At my house (I feel lucky lol)Is it horrible? So far, not really.have you got a boyfriend or you have had? Yeah, I've dated three people but two were online and all three were horriblehave you had your first kiss? Yeahhow old were you when you had your first kiss? Like... 10 XD?

age: almost 13
where:at home
horrid? not really
boyfreind? no.
Kiss? no.

1. 11
2. First period in 1st period?haha
3. Not great but ok if your ready for it
4. I am lesbian so no boyfriend but yes a girlfriend
5. Yes
6. 12

not really

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