Ok............ my friend Dani said that I am a AMAZING singer. But I have really bad stage fright. She has told me to do covers and so have some other friends like my friends DC, Maria, Amber and ya. But what I'm scared of is sothin that kinda happend earlier this year. We were on a school feildtrip and me and all my friends even some of my guy friends sat in the back of the bus and we just sang. But because we were all laughing why singing one of the "popullars" said to me and my friends that we were pitchy and we sucked. He was soooooo rude but he is rude to everyone. But my q is should I do what I love and sing?

Do what you loveeeee

Dont take any notice of what some stupid, rude kid says.
if you like to sing .....go for it! 
Ignore stupid boys who shout insults. They dont know what theyre talking about


goooo for itt!! i love singing my friends tell me i sing good but i dont think that:S!! you should upload some covers to youtube and if you do send me the link!! 
do what you love!
dont pay attetion to that stupid boy... 
stay positive! 

I like One Direction, Maroon5, OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Little Mix.............. ALOT Any recommendations?


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