I like an older guy..

My name is Amber and I like a guy named Austin. I am going in to 6th grade and he is going in to 8th. Is it OK to like him? Also I found out he cheats on his girlfriends. I'm OK with cheating because you only have one life and you have to live it. I have been friends with him for months now and I found out he likes me too. We were friends with benefits but my sister stole him from me. My sister is in going in to 7th grade. My sister also is dating his brother while dating him. I messed up and told Austins girlfriend about him cheating she dont believe me THANK GOD! I also told Austins brother Seth about my sister cheating on him with his brother. I hope your not confused! Now I want to say sorry to Austin but..... I'm shy and we aren't on speaking terms bc of what I did. Im ignoring him so he isn't trying to talk to me. I think hes pissed at me. Do you think he will forgive me? Through how much we talked, said funny things, cared for each other and other things that really good friends do I NEVER thought he could EVER ignore me and I NEVER thought that I could ignore him for a VERY long time. Do you think I should try to just say "hi" to him? Plzz tell me what I should do.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade seems a little young to be cheating one everyone and there mother. Maybe you should wait a little bit for everyone to mature and have fun while you're young. Love and dating just complicates things, as you can see. You should try to patch things up with the guy, and leave it at that. This kid's going off and breaking hearts before his balls have even dropped. I had a "boyfriend" for like...five months in the 6th grade, and that was over five years ago. I don't even consider it to be a relationship, it was just a petty little thing where we texted "I luv u <3<3<#<3"  and "I miss u!!!1!11!1!!!" back and forth on our flip phones. Don't worry about it so much, you'll look back eventually and laugh at the whole thing :)


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