bad teachers

i was 10 at that time.i used to read a holy religious book of our was in i needed someone to help me with that and got a hujur(islamic teacher)he used to call me near.and when i went near him,he just started to kissing me in a wild way.also playing with my hands and feets including the thigh.he then started to play with my boobs.and forced me to sit in his lap.when i told my mom atlast,he just wet away.and thus i was saved from beeing raped!


                                                             i met a person,when i was 14.nobody was at home without him and me,i was scared too.he forced me to have sex with him.he layed me on the bed and started kissing me and squeezing my breasts lying on my body.he than touched my **bleep** and opened his pants.than he told me to suck his cock!he took my hand focely and tried to touch his cock with my face and hands.than...............................he raped me.touched my everything wildly.than he naked me and himself,than started hugging and squeezing me....and said me,'if you become pragnant just tell e.i will bring you some tablets.and i am in crazily love with you.can;t live without you.please call me again.i will come and have fun with you'.and gave me his number.i was just 14 and he was more than 29!

You have to report this to the authorities. Don't let them know just call them or fo to the police station and tell them and then tell your mom. Or the other way around. This isn't and you should be another victim swept underneath the rug and forgotten. You must let someone know who can help you put him begind bars. You didn't want it and he can't sugarcaot it with loveydubey talk. You will be able to move on and reflect on these incidents and smile because they had help you become stronger.


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