What do I do?

I'm not religious. I care about stuff and have morals, but I don't believe in God. I know that religious people are usually kind, wonderful people who care and want to make a difference. But please, stop saying "you're going to hell" and trying to push your religions on us.


One day, I was with some people in a class, when one guy came up randomly (apparently he was asking everyone) and said, "Do you believe in God?" I answered honestly: "Well, no." And suddenly, without a second thought, he replied: "Then you're going to hell."


"That's like telling a kid they're not going to get presents from Santa Claus," I answered, rolling my eyes.


"You'll thank me when you're in hell."


"Well, hell can't be so bad," I said, deciding I was going to be all smart. "If a Muslim isn't Christian, he's going to the Christian hell, but the Muslim heaven. Therefore, heaven is hell."


"Oh, so you're Mormon." He began to run off.


I replied, "No! The Mormons are even more sexist than the Christians."


Another kid who had overheard said, "Christians aren't sexist." (Keep in mind this guy also called me fat a while before for no reason, and I'm underweight.)


"They may not be, but the bible is in many places, unfortunately."


"No, it's not. You're just retarded."


"It is. It's sexist, racist, and homophobic. It says that women should marry their rapists."


"It does not! You are a retard!"


I laughed. "Hahahaha...me? Retarded?"


At this, Mr. Annoying left.


Honestly, I'm willing to accept THEIR religions if only they'll accept mine! I have to go back later. Help! What do I do?

You ignore the close minded idiot but at the same time lay back on any of the religious conversation or you might just get more people like him surrounding you claiming the same thing as well. Everyone has an opinion, there will always be those who agree and those who disagree. Just stick to your opinion and let the idiot be and if he continues to mess with you then you school him again and soon he will learn not to mess you.


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