does anyone else do this?

hey gurls. I'm not sure if this is a problm or if other gurls do it, but I do. okay, so, this might sound weird, but I like feeling light headed. one way I make myself feel light headed is to close my eyes, try to open them, but try to keep them closed at the same time (if that makes any sense). sometimes if I stand up too fast, I see spots, I get lightheaded, and I feel like I'm floating. anyways, do other gurls try and mke themselves lightheaded/like being lightheaded?

I get really lightheaded from standing up to fast, or at least that's what the internet tells me :)


I don't try to make myself do it (I don't really know how), but I do like the feeling. It's kind of like I black out, because I will stretch, then black out, and open my eyes and I'm on the floor or on the bed, as if I fell or something. It interests me because it's creepy and mysterious.


You're not the only one.

Lol same here :p
Except I get pale :o
Heyy! So I wanted to say i do that too all the time (the
eye thing) idk why but it feels like it clears my mind. I hoped that helped.

I get lightheaded a lot in church. I think it's from sitting too long and then standing up too fast to sing. I also get lightheaded after a really hard test or exam for some insane reason. But I do sometimes like the odd feeling. I love the feeling I get when I go down a huge hill on a fast roller coaster which is the feeling of flying and lightheadedness. It's weird, but cool. :)

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