Am I...abnormal?

Okay, so here's me. :3


I do not masturbate.

I do not watch porn.

I have never had a fetish.

I am not interested in becoming sexually active, ever.

I've never had a boyfriend before, and I'm actually afraid of having one.

I think I want to be single forever.

Guys have never looked at me.

I kind of hate men, all the ones that've talked to me are quite rude, bullyish.

I've never liked a guy before, I've found men attractive like,

"Aye, you look nice!" but would never, "Let's date and get in bed!"

I guess I'm straight and sort of asexual?


I seriously feel like I'm the only girl in the whole world like this. xD

Well... This is a difficult question, isn't it?
I think you should just wait until you know before you label yourself. I know how you feel, too--except I ended up bi and locking myself in the closet. You could be going through a phase oor you could be asexual. I guess what I'm trying to say is only you can define who you are. I know you want a different answer but honestly, only you can decide your sexual orientation. Hope I cleared things up a bit!

Psh, Well have you tired any of it? Like. Alot of time girls like this just havent tryed any f it.

It's called fear, you'll get over it eventually. Don't be afriad to experiment a little bit, try to flirt a little bit, it doesn't have to be sexual. Relationships aren't about sex, they're about doing whatever makes you happy. There are absolutely people out there who respect that.

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