Period Talk.

Hi! This year is my last year before Highschool, and luckily, before school started, I got my period today :O

I've been wondering to myself when I'll actually get it.... today's the day i guess...

I recently got braces too! so now I have to worry about school, 7th grade Grad dresses :smileywink: my braces, and my period!

Anyone else going through these things at this age?

heven't gotten it yet? need first hand answers?

Go ahead, ask :)



I got it 3 days ago and my mom was like freaking out.

I told the to chill but u know how moms are :p


I didn't want to have the talk cuz I already knew the talk but she still talked about it and explained it again.

I registered here one day after it ^.^

How did your mom react?

this is a really late reply. im 15 and in high school. ive had my period since i was in 6th grade. after a while you get used to your period and you forget about it at times. there isnt much to worry about except bleeding through ur tampon or pad or leaking yuck. i usually keep a lil bag with tampons and pantiliners and an extra pair of underwear. in my back pak so im all set. and in pe i usually change my pad/tampon when im changing out of my pe clothes.


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