What should I do?!?!?!

I'm a 12 year old in 7th grade and I have a best friend named Ashley and  I also have a friend named Maria........................... They have this stalker that has been kinda stalking them on the bus and at school and he is bothering the crap out of me and my friends. What should I do because my friends like Cassady and Cayla call me a goody-too-shoes all the time cause I always have to be in class on time and that sort of stuff.



P.S.. There was a incident last week where the 6th grader stalker was chasing my friend Cayla and when he was running back to his friends to laugh about chasing her, my really bad-a** friend Hanna-Banana tripped him and he landed on his face infront of me and every 7th grader in that hallway burst out laughing including me and one kid high-fived Hanna because he knew how much of a stalker that 7th grader was.

Tell a teacher or the principal of his bad behavior if you don't wanna get your hands dirty so he can get in trouble and you don't have to do anything bad or irrational. If he continues with this annnoying behavior smack some sense into him with your words and tell someone with authority once again. He's probably doing this to get attention and what annoying kids hate is being ignored. Ignore him like his very existence has ceased to exist. Find out his weaknesses and use them against him. And the main thing to do is remain calm, showing emotions will just feed the fire.

You definately need to tell a teacher, principal or someone that can stop it.  He may think he is teasing and having fun but if its bothering everyone just have an adult put a stop to it.

Tell the principal or a teacher about it and they can call his parents or call the cops to make him stop. 

His weakness though is one of my bestfriends Maria thoygh like when she was on the bus to go to school today and she was dressed up for track pictures and he called her the most sexiest thing in the world and she kicked him cuz he was licking his lips saying this..................................... she hates him and he is the most annoying thing ever but he is friends with my other bestfriends little brother................................ and the princliple/teachers already know all the did was give him a write-up(Detention)

I rpredicted that. .-. Teachers and principles aren't much help at all but agitate the person even more to the point they want you to pay. In these situations all I can really offer is self justice and by that I mean ass kicking, but no dont do that because he's just an annoying kid and violence isn't always the appropiate choice. You become his friend. I know this sounds stupid but this is good, you find something you both like and you bond over it. Then you crush him by ignoring him or if you actually end up enjoy hanging out with him then you don't crush him.

Thanks-I will try that



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