12/13 year olds?

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I am 12 yrs old in 7th grade and I need advice. So last year me and this guy (guy A) dated and our friends thought we were so cute. Then he broke up with me in the summer saying he was afraid i was gonna break up with him. Fast forward to this school year he askedmy bestfriend to set us up beacause he missed me and "loved me". Then we were confused on if we were dating or not. Now people keep on telling me he likes me and i still like him but he was gonna ask me out and give me a necklace until he saw that my friend josh gave me a necklace on snapchat and he though he was too late people tell me he still likes me but he always leaves me on "read". What should i do we still both like each other I think and my friends keep on trying to set us up
​HELP message me plz?

I am 13 right now , 14 in August 2018...

I just turned 12 going into grade 7 next September.

i am 13! :)

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