12/13 year olds?

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im 13. just started year 8 :))

13 in 8th grade

12 but 13 in summer

I'm 12, turning 13 in December and in my country I go to 5th grade.

Same I'm 12 turning 13 this month!

im 12 and 6th grade

I'm 13 and in 8th grade, just joined here :)

I know this post is like 3 years old but... I'm 12! I am in year 8 in England, which i think is grade 7 in America? I might be wrong. :)

I'm 9 going in 4 th grade 

i live in the uk im gonna be twelve soon im going into year 7

I turned twelve yesterday and start middle school august 19th 

I am 12 years and 3 months. I started at gwinnett online campus about a month and a half ago.Anyone else from GOC?

7th grade right here!

i am in seventh grade and i am looking for friends who can chat with me about anything they want.

8th grade!

Hi everyone I'm 13 and in 7th grade and I need boy help! I'm friends with lots of boys so it's hard to have a crush! One of my bfs, R, is the one I have a crush on. At a field trip he sat with me an we talked a lot and I learned lots about him. We ate lunch at the field trip and I sat all alone but he came and sat with me! I thought he liked me but I'm not sure. He doesn't really show his emotions. How can I tell??? We still talk a lot and we sit together at lunch too but that's cos we're working on a project. He also invited me to his house but that's also cos the project. Please help me! I've never been in a relationship!!!😖

I'm 13 and in 8th grade.

Hey does anyone dry hump.



13 and starting 8th grade in August.

13 and going to 8th GRAAADDEE!!!!

I'm 13, whats up guys!

13 here 🙌 and it's awesome because I can finally have my own smart phone 😁

Hi everyone, I'm Amy from the UK and I was 13 yesterday!

Happy birthday Amy I am from UK too! I am 13, 14 in July?


@Amy261 ?Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY hope you had ?a great day.
Angie XX

Thank you, it was great :) my parents took me out for dinner and then to another place for ice cream. At the weekend I'm going out with my friends :)

Okay i just finished watching a walk to remember and young victoria and those were the saddest movies i have ever watched in the endings there loved one dies can you guys help me to find a way to get over sad endings thank you and i recomened watching them they are really good movies

Give it a day or two??

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