12/13 year olds?

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im 13. just started year 8 :))

13 in 8th grade

12 but 13 in summer

I'm 12, turning 13 in December and in my country I go to 5th grade.

Same I'm 12 turning 13 this month!

im 12 and 6th grade

I'm 13 and in 8th grade, just joined here :)

I know this post is like 3 years old but... I'm 12! I am in year 8 in England, which i think is grade 7 in America? I might be wrong. :)

I'm 9 going in 4 th grade 

i live in the uk im gonna be twelve soon im going into year 7

I turned twelve yesterday and start middle school august 19th 

I am 12 years and 3 months. I started at gwinnett online campus about a month and a half ago.Anyone else from GOC?

7th grade right here!

i am in seventh grade and i am looking for friends who can chat with me about anything they want.

8th grade!

Hi everyone I'm 13 and in 7th grade and I need boy help! I'm friends with lots of boys so it's hard to have a crush! One of my bfs, R, is the one I have a crush on. At a field trip he sat with me an we talked a lot and I learned lots about him. We ate lunch at the field trip and I sat all alone but he came and sat with me! I thought he liked me but I'm not sure. He doesn't really show his emotions. How can I tell??? We still talk a lot and we sit together at lunch too but that's cos we're working on a project. He also invited me to his house but that's also cos the project. Please help me! I've never been in a relationship!!!😖

I'm 13 and in 8th grade.

Hey does anyone dry hump.



13 and starting 8th grade in August.

13 and going to 8th GRAAADDEE!!!!

I'm 13, whats up guys!

13 here 🙌 and it's awesome because I can finally have my own smart phone 😁

Hi everyone, I'm Amy from the UK and I was 13 yesterday!

Happy birthday Amy I am from UK too! I am 13, 14 in July?


@Amy261 ?Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY hope you had ?a great day.
Angie XX

Thank you, it was great :) my parents took me out for dinner and then to another place for ice cream. At the weekend I'm going out with my friends :)

Okay i just finished watching a walk to remember and young victoria and those were the saddest movies i have ever watched in the endings there loved one dies can you guys help me to find a way to get over sad endings thank you and i recomened watching them they are really good movies

Give it a day or two??

11 going to be in Junior High next year. :)

I'm turning 13 in October, (hence my username) but i'm going to 7th grade next year.

Geez, everyone was posting on this years ago. Now you guys are all like 17 and what not 😂

I'm 13 but 14 in a month and a half

I'm 13 starting 8th grade in August. Good luck to all <3

i'm 13 and i just started 8th Grade on August 28th

I'm 13, gonna be 14 next month!

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