12/13 year olds?

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im twelve and i find girls kind of attractive

hi im 12 starting 8th grade august 27

and i love mindless behavior

I'm 13. My birthday was February 19. I'm going into eighth grade and my first year of high school this September. 

I am 12, in 7th grade. Will be 13 in June :) I <3 to chat too... soooo yeah

im 12 and in grade 7 someone essage me please

These posts are all out of sorts.
I'm 16 and I'm a junior.


Hi to all, I'm Jenni and I'm 13 :)

Im 12 & in the 7th grade.

Hey ladies I'm 18 if you need an older girls advice I'm here. I plan to teach middle school so if you need a big sister to talk to inbox me

Can't even remember if I replied on this. I'm 13 and in 8th grade

Hey dudes! my name is Phoebe and im 12

I'm 13 and in seventh grade!!
I was born janauary first thats why im not twelve like some others

Im 12 here & in grade 7


Almost 14! ;D High school next year! WH-HOO!

Yep, I'm 12 and am in year 7 (I am not American so I don't know how grades work!!).

12going to 7th august 31st

I'm 13. I live in scotland so I go to secondary school - I'm in S2

i'm 13

me too

I'm almost 12 (few more days woot) and I'll start seventh in a few months ^.^ anyone wanna chat?

Hey I'm 11   years old. Anyone would like to be my friend :( :)

12 years old and going to 7th grade 

I am 14 and in middle school.:) I like to cuss, likes boys, acts really childish at times, and have four brothers. I LOVE MCR.

Yall! Im 13 n 8th grader, I do ballet n gymnastics n my goal in lifes eat all the chocolate I can xD

i live in the uk we don't call it 7th grade but i'm 13 too

im 12 and im from canada

12 8th grade

I'm turning 12 in 2 months and I go to 5th grade in Estonia.

I'm 12 and in seventh grade!

Hi every body Today i would like to ask you if you had ever had sex with a boy if so what is your name how old were you and what were the steps you went through? please comment thanks 

Yes. I have. I am 12, had sex a few months ago with my bf. I feel a little bit guilty because it was 3:00 AM and I was really horny and convinced him to. I wouldn't let him f**** me though, we didn't have condoms.

i'm 12 but i dont live in america so i am in S1 at highschool  in scotland! ( first year ) .

I'm 13 turning 14 on May 22. I'm currently in 8th grade. 

hi im 12 almost 13 looking for people to chat with so message me

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