12/13 year olds?

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Hey Guys, I'm 12, and I just started the 7th Grade. Anyone else?

Hey I'm 12 to! Starting 7th grade in a month! 

me too! ;D

Me 12 and started 7th yesterday at DVMS

hey im 12 too and i started the 7th grade, ill be turning 13 though soon.

Me too :DD

12 and going in 7th grade the 5th of September I think ((:

im 13 and i just started eighth grade.


I'm 13 and starting 8th grade in about a week.

Starting 7th grade in 2 weeks! What elective r u takin!

I'm 12, too, but I'm turning 13 in October. Going into 8th grade :)

my Bday is in  October too. but i turn 14



Same here ^.^

I'm 13 and 79 days :) ( Don't judge! I was bored in maths ;P ) 

So if anyone wants to chat...?

sure ill chat. skype or?

I am 13 9 months 5 days, and to the girl who thinks she is odd for math I love doing this so ur fine.

I'm 12 too. Grade 7 has been ok so far. But dont worry soon it will be december break and spring break and then finally the SUMMER!p ;)

I always look forward to any break from school especaly summer :)  Im bored anyone wanna chat?

heyyy im 12 and yeah in grade 7

I'm thirteen, just started grade 8. :)

mee too!! only.. i'm english so.. it's year 7 not 7th grade! but whatever! <3

hey then... if you are the same age as me and good at advice, could you help me with something. this is going to sound strange as i am only 13 but I've been let down by so many guys in my life I decided that I could never trust them again.. that was 6 months ago now. I have these friends (I'm not gonna put any names) But one's a guy And one's a girl, we were all like best friends together, literally joined at the hip. But Then the guy started to like the other girl. Things got slightly awkward after that because I knew But the other girl didn't, And Then when she found out Things got even awkwarder. Then for a bit she liked him, But they didn't get together (she's a very careful girl). Then she stopped liking him again, But he is completely smitten, he says he doesn't mind waiting for her to fall for him even if it takes 10 years And He's always really sweet to her. I don't know what's wrong with her. He's the nicest guy I've ever met. He's funny, He's cute, He's kind, He's considerate, He's polite And He's very good looking, He's just perfect. And that's the problem. I absolutely love him. And he likes her. I said I would never trust boys as anything more than friends ever again because I've had my heart yanked out And stepped one guy attacked me :smileysad: But.. this boy is different He's different He's amazing, like no other, simply perfect. And I don't know what to do because He's crazy about her, And I'm crazy about him... Please help me. I know this is pathetic, But I need someone to help me think... 

Me tooo :)  Does anyone go to NWMS? Noblesville West Middle school?!:smileyhappy:

13 & 8th grade!!!!!!!!!!!! Need a buddy to talk tooooo :)

12 year old here ;o Half way thru 7th grade -.-t

I'm 12 and in the seventh grade as well. I'm going to be thirteen in 2 months!
I'm 12 and halfway through 7th grade

me tooooooooooo!!!:smileylol:

Haaai Kate , Your Colorful Text Is Ah-May-Zayn . . . How Did You Make It ?

Bonjour Girlies ! Haai , I'm JadoreZarie and I'm 12 too ! I'm in 6th grade, and I'm really popular at my school << But Im not a mean popular girl ! Im a happy-happy goofy popular girl (: Message me anything you want, I wont bite ! <3

I'm in 7th grade! Yay!

I'm in 7th to

I'm almost 13 and in 7th grade

I'm 12 and in the 7th grade :D


I am a brunette with Hazel eyes, normalish short height and lots of friends but hate people who think and act like they are *popular* like in movies.


yay! im 12 too! i only have 2 weeks left of 6th grade! ^^

well, im 12.

2 months left in 7th grade.

a backstreet boys fan!

 xoxo sherelle

thank god you guys are here! I thought I was the only one!


12 years old and going to gr 7 in few months! woot woot! yougner generation ftw!

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