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Okay; I didn't know where to post this, so I guess this was the best place. Anyways, I'm moving down south and out of state for the first time in my life! I'm excited, but really nervous. I'm thinking so many negative thoughts its not even funny. Anyways... I'm really nervous because what if people don't like me at my new school. What if they think I'm mentally retarded, or some other stuff? I have Anxiety, Depression, and a Mild case of Cerebral Palsy, and a past of Self harming. And I also don't trust guys because of an ex boyfriend. What if the people start getting to personal? I honestly DONT KNOW what to do! :( should I just wait until the time comes, or what?


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Dont worry, i bet youll make heaps of new friends. Just take it as it comes and dont get stressed out about it.
If someone asks you an awkward question or something you dont want to answer, just be like "i'll tell you some other time" and with any luck, theyll forget what it was they asked you :)

Moving is definitely an exciting and hard thing. I would know b/c I've moved like 5 times. But honestly, you will make friends. Since ur the"NEW GIRL" everyone will try to be your friend at first or at least try to get to know you. Then after that you can narrow down who is truly a good friend(i.e. someone who doesn't judge you for ur past, likes you for you, trustworthy, doesn't talk about you behind your back.) You'll fit in just fine I bet. Good luck!:smileyhappy:


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