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ahhhhhhhhhhh I want a boyfriend so badly everyone says don't rush into love don't worry you'll find him blah blah blah blah blah blah blah but look recentily my life has **bleep**ed up I was in a car accident and my mum was drunk my mum does stupid **bleep** like this all the time I have decided what collage I want to go to and I told my dad and he said "that I don't need to go to that collage and that I probably won't make it that far" I hate being walked all over and when I am sad I am alone no one to cuddle me or give a **bleep** about me and so you can see myy pain please talk to ome someone

more than a boyfriend I think you need your friends. If you want to talk I'm here
I agree. I think you need a few close buds. They can be ten times better than a boyfriend!

I understand what you mean , i think that if i get a bf then my life won't be this boring, but friends are way better than a bf, they got ur back 

Get some friends! They can be better than boyfriends, and with a boyfriend, it can end terribly and make you even more sad.

i agree with everyone else. you need friends more than a bf.

a bf might only confuse matters and make it seem worse.

friends should always be there for you no matter what happens.


i hope your dad thought he was being funny cause if he meant what he said.........thats a really horrible thing to say.

if you ever want to talk about anything, message me and i'll do my best to help....and be there for you!





 hey i know how you feel when im donw i want a boy to be around to make me happy too but your not the only one in the world who doesnt have a boyfried just wait because god has the most beautiful love story planned for you

I have never had a boyfriend

You're probably bored of hearing that you don't need a boyfriend and that having one or not having one doesn't define you! But I want to share my story with you. For the last 3 or 4 years I thought that getting a boyfriend would solve all of my problems and that I was a loser for never having had one; and I wasn't ALL wrong! Getting my first boyfriend did boost my confidence (because before I got the feeling that no one could love me in that way), and I am certainly happier and feel like I can appreciate more in life now that I've experienced (and am still experiencing) first love. But all of this didn't solve my problems, in fact it brought up a few new ones like sex and complication because we had the same friend group. I also had to deal with a lot of jealously from my single friends who thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, and having people be jealous of you is not a nice feeling at all! I actually felt guilty for being happy!
What I'm trying to say is that having a boyfriend is not something to be seen as a solution, because you're adding to your list of things to do (innuendo not intended) and worry about. Especially with first love, you'll find that you're very nervous, you won't be able to tell them absolutelly everything immediately and will feel a bit of pressure to be a great girl friend, so with all that you describe going on with you, a boyfriend might not help.

Good luck!

first how old r u? and second i am here if u need to  talk. i am 13 and i listen to others so yeah.

OK. Firstly, I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 17. SEVENTEEN.
Second, I agree with everyone else. Friends are much more important than a relationship; if you have a few close friends who care about you, they'll be there no matter what.
If you get a boyfriend, eventually you two will break up, which will make things worse. Friends are forever.

dont just have a bf because you think you must. You need good friends too and maybe they can introduce you to someone nice.
I know how you feel. My mom is like tht too and maybe thats why I chose an older guy, many years older than me, for the kind of stuff you are talking about, the cuddles, the company, no mind games, intelligence, maturity and just the honest genuine stuff you want from a guy and the mmmmm  other things like sex.. lol.
I dont think all friends are better than having a relationship. Some girls can be right bitches and will always put you off from doing things. For me my bf is my soul mate who gives me what i want. When you meet someone like that you will know immediately he is the one for you. Just let it happen. How old r u btw. I am in grade 9. Are you happy at school?


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