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i was just wondering how everyone came up with their gurl user name?

like mine "mandakim" is made up of my first name (amanda.....without the "a" lol) and my middle name (kimberley...without the "berley" haha) :D

so did you come up with yours? is it like random or something special?

My username is inspired by my love for Captain Jack Sparrow. ;D

I came up with mine because in sixth grade my awesome friend 'M', 'A', and 'C' started calling me Karly Rubix Cube so I thought that sounded cute then shortened it up into Karly Ruby

I love bunnies (bunny) and I was born in 1997 (97) c:

My username is a mix of my favorite color and favorite rapper. Being that my fave color is pink and my fave rapper is Childish Gambino I came up with PinkGambino :p

a lot of my friends call me "Lizzy" (against my own will), and i'm into a genre of music called "K-Pop", where a lot of fans call themselves "K-Poppers", hence the name. :D

It's the name of a character from one of my favorite books.

Euphemie is a French name that means 'well I speak', because I was always told I had broad vocabulary and was well-spoken.

I have curly hair and was born in 1999

cestin was a famus couples name togeter. well the amous austin mahoe (m friend. i call him auzy) then my other friend cece (met her before i met austin. so their namestogether is cestin. before they brokke up. and _forever cuz they were together for a long time it was also my twitter name cestin_forever now my twitter is cecesfan1 shes also gunna be in a lower level of nascar.

My username I chose because I am addicted to muffins and Derpy Hooves.

PowPow was a given nickname by my teacher because I have such a spontaineous personality and soon everyone caught on to it and the mental part is from my crush because I was supposedly the craziest person she had ever met. 

i really like vocaloids (singing syntesizers from japan) and my favorite one is momo momone :) she is the one who sang the nyan cat song, originally called "nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanya" because "nya" is japanese for "meow"   ^w^

Mine's is actually my name and the last name of one of my idol's Greyson Chance.

Umm... I am Young, and my name is Shea. I was going to make it YoungMommaShea. But.. ehh.
Well when I created my account I didn't want to overthink my username. It's catchy and easy to remember, plus it sounds pretty and I like the number 17.

"Lacrimis" means "tears" in Latin. :]

Well....people always called me Jacey (not my real name) and about 4 years ago i had to type up some random numbers for a sn and the 1723 kinda stuck

I like the anime show Wolf's Rain. Cheza is one of the characters, and although she isn't my fave character, she has the coolest name of the only two female characters. Plus, I'm 14

Well i just love love LOVE Anime so that how i thought of Animegurl101

Bella notte means beautiful night in Italian. I'm not obsessed with night or anything, I just love how 'bella notte' sounds :-)

Mine's so blah compared to some of you. My name is Erin, I'm from CAlifornia, and I'm a girl.  See.  No excitement there!

I used to be really into Otep, and on the back of one of her cds, it had a phrase like "Art Saves" or something like that.

I like gummy bears! =D nothing else to say really...

Insider joke made by my two closest friends. Tay is for Taylor, and sesy is something we came up with for calling eachother hot or whatever if we just felt like acting gay, weird or just playing around with eachother. Sesy just always sounded more appropraite and funnier to say than 'sexy' lol. So, yes I guess in my username I am calling myself 'so sexy' but not as egotistical as you think.

Sesy: pronounced like 'sesame' :)

i came up with mine beacause i love llamas and say omg a lot. I just substituted the O for 0

My username is actually my name lol I know I'm very original lol and the "Princess" it's because when I was little I wanted to be a princes like those I used to see in Disney movies.

im a brunette and im a girl and my birthday is on the 17th of january. :)

mine is my name "Amber" and my mom always used to call me "Roo" cuz I would bounce around the house before I could really walk and she still calls me that sometimes now

I love Anime and there's a character called Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach. I put "Lady" because I love the word and I feel royal :D LOLxxx :D

Oswin is a vivacious, sweet, clever, and brilliant character from the show Doctor Who. Plus, I like the name, so I decided to pick Oswin :D

I came up with mine because I need weird names that are empowering and send a message (like I will be awesome forever) so I feel better about myself

im scottish and my friend used to call me looby loo (short for louise) and it just kinda stuck :)

after reading this i feel like maybe i should have put more thought into my username :) 

so here i name is Emily...i used "ee" instead of "y".......stroke of genius...NOT
oh, and i just thought the 00 at the end looked cute :)

maybe i'll think a little more deeply about it next time i'm creating a username.

My name is inspired by the Cure song "From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea". I originally wanted my username to be "deepgreensea" but it was already taken. So I changed it to "theviridiansea" because viridian is a cool name for a shade of green.

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