i really hate myself and my life right now
I overate. And didn't exercise today.
Oikos greek yogurt

Turkey sandwich

Two slices of wheat bread
Ritz snack sized bag of cheese crackers
Three slices of tomato
Two slices of deli turkey

I seriously hate everything I'm a little more than 100 pounds and I'm 5'2 and the only physical activity I did today was dancing for four minutes playing tag for six minutes and a fast walk aroundmy neighborhood and Ican only burn like 43 calories a day anyways usually. WHY IS MY LIFE SO BAD.I'M SO FAT!

Sweetheart, you're underweight. You are not fat. You didn't even consume 700 calories today.


Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder? If not, you need to see a doctor. This would almost certainly be considered anorexia.

Calm down! It's not that serious unless you ate 2 packs of chocolate chips cookies, a pint of chunky brownie ice cream, 5 heavy meated sandwhiches, and a whole jug of chocolate milk and you ate this every dinner then it would be a problem! You are being a bit overdramatic. But if it really is that serious then you should pick up exercising. Your diet is fine for a teen/preteen. Hell even for an adult. But if you cannot rest then go to these websites and see for yourself and what you can do;

  • choosemyplate.gov
  • foodpyramid.com


You didnt over eat and you're NOT fat. Your BMI is 18.3 which is UNDERWEIGHT!
Normal BMI for your height and weight is 18.5 - 24.9.
Seriously, if you think you're fat you might be heading for an eating disorder, and that can make you really sick and even kill you.
You should talk to your parents, doctor, counsellor....someone who knows about these things before its too late.

You are NOT fat. When I was 11 I was 5'3 and 113 pounds. It's normal for taller girls. Your not fat.

You're far from "fat"

At thirteen, I was a dancer, volleyball + Floor hockey player, weighed 120 pounds, and was 5"8'

I was still incredibly skinny despite the fact I weighed 120 pounds.

In fact, I still am.

As for your diet, starving yourself like that is not the answer to stay in shape.

You can exersize, eat balanced meals and still eat a little junk food here and there. However, if you are still feeling so much resentment to your body I think you should see a doctor. Eating disorders are not something to be taken lightly. You're only hurting yourself by starving yourself.


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