Your first kiss

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I have never had a boyfirend or my first kiss, unless you count kiss's on the cheek from my gay best friend, and other guy friends. But other than cheeks, nuttin

Well... I'm 14 and I still haven't had mine. I really want to have it already though. >.< But then again, I wanna wait for a guy that's worth it. People say that something like a kiss should be insignificant, but for me it isn't that way.
I'm just hoping the right guy will show up soon. :)

Not had a first kiss yet, or a boyfriend, or been asked out. Ps I'm 13

I was 15 and it was with a guy I didnt really like. It was the most awkward thing ever because I didnt know how to kiss! But now a few months later, I got my second kiss with my current boyfriend. Let me just say that kissing him is better than it was kissing the first guy.

I never had a first kiss. Probably wont anytime soon.

I had my first kiss just a few days ago. Im 13 and we were walking in the snow holding hands and we were kinda in the middle of nowhere in an empty park. He took me to me slide and I sat on tob of him and wrapped my legs around him and we kissed with tounge for a really long time. It was awesome and ke sat there for a while after kissing every once and a while and his hand was on my inner thigh and we were making out and kinda touching each other with our clothes on.

the first proper kiss was when I was 12 and I lost my virginity that day to the same guy. It was a very long day and I was at his place
I started kissing at 11 and I kissed many many guys. I used to love the sensations especially when they would hold me close and or lay on top of me when kissing. I used to get really wet and messy.

The guy I lost my virginity to was just awesum. He knew I was horny when he was kissing me and he got me to have sex with him. I was so scared but I was tempted and it all started happening so quick.

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