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 How old were you when you had your first kiss. I was 11 years old and it was with my neighbor who was my friend at the time. I really wish I could've waited though. What about you?

I was 13, and it was with my best friend. She and I dated for a year after that. I sometimes wish i could have waited too.

i was 9 but it was with my "boy friend" my first one and my first sexual kiss was when i was 11 with my best friend ben:) it was so awesome like a shot of electriciy bolted through my body!

i was 16,hah!and it was with my boyfriend:)

I would say the first kiss I had that counts was last year with a guy I dated for 7 months. He came and surprised me at my  opening act for a local band and while I was getting my make-up done in my dressing room. He grabbed my waist and was like "Hey Baby<3", i turned around and he complemented me & we talked for a bit while he held my waist. Then the sound manager said i had 1 minute, so i rushed to go. And he grabbed my arm, pulled me close, and pressed his lips on my mind. Even had a little tongue.


I was 10 and it was with my best guy friend and next door neighbor. I don't wish I waited but I kinda regret it being with him.

i was 6 and he made the first  move i didn't like none of it because it was a touge kiss ewww it was so nasty .. so today i don't count it has my first kiss but it is what it is ..... my real first kiss

I was 14 and it was with a guy I had been "dating" for a few months.  He broke up with me the same night. Needless to say I was decently upset about it at the time, but given that I'm 21 now I really don't care. haha In the grand scheme of things your first kiss is pretty insignificant & I'm glad I got the awkward first kiss out of my system when I did.

I was 8 with my bf 

I was 14, I barleeey knew the guy at all and it was gross. I wish I would have waited, but eh, experience points?

I was in kindergarden and we were haveing inside recess and we were under the bean bags so no one noticed. It was the biggest mistake ever because he was just useing me tho get to my best freind. So I do regret it more than anything. :smileyfrustrated:

my first real kiss was when i was 13. it was with my first real guy.

Fourteen and I still haven't had mine ;) I'm waiting until I find the right guy-all my relationships so far have been awful. Both of them xD Yeah, laugh all you want, but it's true. 

I was 15 with my on again off again boyfriend who was apparently not the brightest. We started dating when I was 13, but I was very shy and didn't want to make a move in public. So whenever we would be watching his brother's football games I would ask if he wanted to hang out in the park around the corner, but of course he didn't understand why. We stopped dating for a while and I focused on my writing, then when he asked me back out I said not without a kiss. Finally he gave me a kiss and said he had been wanting to do that for years! I asked why he didn't sooner and he replied with "you never gave me any hints, I thought you weren't ready." What a slap to the forehead lol! From that point on I was never quiet with the things I wanted. :)

i was 6 but that doesn't count right? ^.^

14, for a bet and didn't kiss the guy back, didn't know him well or like him. Later that day a guy who apparently liked me kissed me (also did not kiss him back, it was only quick).

Mine was when I was 13, it was magical. At this big BBQ cookoff our town has with a carnival, in April, we were hanging out with a group of friends at like 12am, but all of my friends left, so it was just us, and he said he wanted to talk so we went off into the woods near the cookoff and climbed a tree and could see all the carnival lights, and he kissed me. It felt like a fairy tale. He was only 13 but he kissed like a pro! And now he's my bf at 15 :)

Hi, so I'm 13 . I have never had a boy friend and I have never kissed anyone. I do like boys I'm just home educated and trust me a lot of home educated boys are home educated for a reason lol. Anyway ive had a few close calls though :-) they have all been with a boy that I go on residentials with :) .
Oh and I just joined so hi :)
Yeah I'm innocent yeah I'm a geek yeah I love every minute of it :)

january 13. 2012


it was after a varsity basketball game, in the dark, outside. He missed my mouth the first try... I really wish I hadnt kissed him in front of all his friends... we don't even talk anymore.

Boys are liars.


I'm 17 and never been kissed. Or had a bf. :P

My first kiss was pretty awkward, I don't think it counts (I hope not).  His friends were saying how she should kiss me and I was twelve and he was like "alright!" and he walked right up to me and kissed me...not on the lips though.  He missed and ended up kissing my hair that was over my cheek.  We just said we kissed, and never talked about it, but I laugh to this day.  Haha I don't think that counts, do you guys?  I haven't had a boyfriend since and I'm happy my real one hasn't happened being fifteen honestly.

I was 9 and with my best friend. One of the best kisses i have ever had. Im glad it was with him and he made the first move. It was really cute and sweet :) one of the best moments in my life

I was 20. Yeah, I waited. I kind of regret the relationship, but I learned a few things about myself, so ultimately it paid off. I don't regret the kiss though, he wasn't that great, it was his first kiss too, so I guess it was kind of sweet, but it turned out I really only liked him as a friend sort of way. Good guy though.

Mine was on my bday

I was 9; and it was with a girl, who also became my girlfriend/ first real relationship and the reason tht i now know tht im bisexual :)

Daniboycrazy:i was 6 and he made the first  move i didn't like none of it because it was a touge kiss ewww it was so nasty .. so today i don't count it has my first kiss but it is what it is ..... my real first kiss  

6?? it was forced or you wanted to??

I was almost 14 and it was with this guy I knew for years.

i never had one yet

mine was over the summer. (i was 13) I gave my boyfriend a hug good bye and he pulled me back and gave me a quick kiss. I was all smiles. it was like a shock of electircity. after that we startted making out and such. was fun while it lasted.

I don't know how so many of you actually remember your first kisses! My first real kiss was someday last November but I can't for my life remember when or where or how it happened. It was with my current boyfriend though, that's all I really remember, hahah! 
Oh right, I was as old as 22 years old! Beat that if you can! ;)

I was 13 for my first "real" kiss with tongue, lol, and it was a guy I had a crush on for a long time

I was 12

I had it when i was 11 unless you count when i was like 1 ,kissed a guy i dont remember him at all
It was underwater with my cuz 

I was 13 when I had my first kiss. I went to the movies with a guy and we kissed then ended up making out. 
He was so sloppy and it was kind of gross. 

Hi I'm new here just joined ...:) I have never had a boyfriend or a "real" kiss

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