First touch....

Just learned about masterbating this summer and cant stop anyone else here recently discover masterbation like me.

It wasn't all that recent, but I can't stop it either. It's really habit forming!

It is habit forming, you are right, but as far as habits go, it is one of the best I have found...

It's definitely a good habit as long as it doesn?t interfere with your life

I masturbate but not that often compared to some. I don't really need to that much.

It wasn't recent. I discovered it when I was 11. I don't do it very often, maybe once a week, if that.

I just started over a year ago and I've done it so much lol.? I did it once in a bathroom while I was sharing a hotel room with my stepdad and I think he heard me, but I pretended I was crying when he asked lol.? My mom caught me too but she said it was no big deal.

If I have to do it really bad even if there are people around, I can always put a blanket or pillow? on top of me...


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