Survey time!

Okay, I've seen a lot of cool surveys on here. so here's another. This is just a bunch of random stuff I'm thinking up as I go.

1. Age?
2. Grade?
3. Hairstyle?
4. Eye color?
5. Do you paint your nails? If so, fingers, toes or both?
6. What kind of makeup do you use? (Not brands. but type; mascara, lipstick, etc).
7. Have you ever dyed your hair? What color?
8. Do you have siblings? Describe.
9. Where do you live?
10. What's your biggest ambition?
11. Are you happy/confident in your body?
12. Have you been kissed/and when?
13. Are you single, married, spoken for?
14. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
15. What is your ethnicity?

16. Do you drive a car?
17. What's your main mode of transportation?
18. Do you live in an apartment, house or other?
19. Do you have a pet? Describe.
20. What ethnicity of food do you like most?

Random stuff:
21. What's your most embarrassing moment?
22. What do you most regret?
23. Which do you like more, fairies or mermaids?
24. What's you favorite color?
25. Would you be willing to make a drastic change to your hairstyle or hair color?
26. Shorts or skirts?
27. Celebrity crush?
28. What's the most important thing in your purse, wallet, backpack, etc? (Excluding cash).
29. Do you frequent other forum sites besides this one?
30. What's your happiest moment?


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