I'm new here but here is a silly question

Hi! I'm new here. Well, not new but finally had the courage to make a profile and post. So I have a completely silly and random question.

If you could be an Angel would you:

Have Wings?

Wear a robe or normal Clothes?

Glow or be see thru?

Float, Fly or Walk?

#If I was a Angel, I would imagine I would:
I would have wings
I would have nornal clothes
I would glow
and fly :)

That depends, would I have to be dead to be an angel, if yes, then no thanks....

I'm also new here so Hi. I'm Kalina and I just joined. This is quite the interesting question.

If I was an Angel I definitely would have wings and fly and also glow. I think I would wear a comfortable robe.

I would have wings
I would wear normal clothes (but fashionable, by all means!)
I would glow
And above all, I would definitely fly!!

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I would have wings, absolutely!
I would have sort of regular clothes. They'd be pretty and have shimmer like a silk dress.
I'd glow. If I were see through, no one could admire my dress.
I'd so fly! I'd love to be able to do that!


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