Virgin at 18 still, mostly down to strict religious parenting

I feel very behind all my friends/peers. I grew up in a fairly religious but very conservative household where I was constantly discouraged from talking to or even thinking about the opposite sex (or sex at all, lol) to a really unhealthy degree.?

Has anyone else had overly constrictive parenting like this and do you have advice about breaking free from it? I'm 18 so an adult now, but I still feel a lot like a child and can't see that changing soon.

Well, my parents monitored everything I did. They weren't religious at all. But just very strict.

I was able to break free by going away to school (university)

But as for the virginity thing. Please don't rush it because you feel like you are left behind. You will regret it in the future. I lost mine at 18, for very similar reasons, and I really wish I waited until I met someone who meant something to me. One of my best friends waited to 25. She ended up marrying this man. I am jealous that she has only been with one man. It is really something to admire.? Don't go out and experience the sexual side of life just because of parental controls.

Hooking up just to feel mature, is actually very immature. You are not a child. It's that awkward stage in life where you aren't considered a kid anymore, but not exactly an adult either. Everyone goes through this, but it all depends on your mindset and choices that mature you into a real adult. Even at 20, I was probably not a 'real adult' yet. I was still figuring out my place in this world. Don't rush growing up.


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