Ruining a good thing because I'm impatient?

Hey Ladies,

I have an issue. ?Soooo my boyfriend of a year and two months, I love him. ?I've known him for almost 2 years. ?However, I'm 25 and his is 26. ?When we met, he had a gf and I was breaking up with my ex. ?Fast forward we left them for each other. ?I've always been mature for my age. ?I've dated guys my age, a year younger than me, and also older (6+ years). ?And it's like with my bf, he has this only child syndrome, and he is a very attractive guy so he was used to getting what he wanted from women (including his mom) and also women tolerating and dealing with his bs. ?Me? I am not like that at all, also because I am used to getting what I want from guys, but I am also very strong willed, and independent with a driven mindset. ?I will admit since leaving his ex, he has changed TREMENDOUSLY. ?His mindset, how he moves, being faithful etc. ?But, we know men aren't perfect and he still has his ways about him. ?And a lot of it just stems from immaturity. ?Now I was with my last ex for 2.5 years. ?He was with his ex for 3 years. ?Due to everything with my ex I must admit my tolerance for BS is even more low. But he is the only guy I've actually been willing to stick around for-although he has tested my patience ALOT. ?Recently something happened at one his friends wedding that just opened my eye to a lot and it just made me doubt whether I can just wait for him to full mold and change to be the man that I need him to be. ?I know he can mature and grow but, am I being selfish for not wanting to stick around thinking there is another man who can love me exactly how I want? I know this guy loves me and cares about me. ?But it's like almost every other week he does or says something that literally makes me want to throw in the towel. ?And I admit I am the type of person I can be very nonchalant if the situation permits. ?If something doesn't go my way or turns out how I want I give up. ?Which is why I haven't had a relationship longer than 2.5 years. ?So am I being immature and selfish? ?All of his friends tell me and him that they've never seen him so happy and our bad days do not outweigh the good. ?But I know my maturity level is much higher. ?I know what I deserve and what I am worth. ?And he just lacks in a lot of ways. All of my friends/mom just think I should break up with him. HELP

Sometimes relationships aren't easy and require work, and sometimes the person that you are with is going to drive you absolutely insane especially after a few years. Sometimes we go through phases or events in our life that might change our behavior and put a strain on our relationships.
Basically what you need to decide is if you are feeling this way because of a character flaw, or is this just a rough patch?at the end of the day you want to work through this so your relationship can succeed or is this something that you don't believe can be fixed of do not have the desire to fix?Keep lines of communication open before you decide, good luck.


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