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Hi all,
So for the last few months, probably since November/December time, I've been going to my school library to get work done and study, after a rough start to the year. there's this guy in the year above who goes most days there, and it was only a few months ago when I realised something. If I came in and sat on one side of the library, he would come and sit on that side too (if he came en in after me), at first I shrugged it off, but the I realised there was so many places that he could have sat but why near me? He's in the year above. I've never spoken to him, and we don't share any lessons. A few weeks ago our school brass band played at a school church mass for all of the students. At the end when we had finished and we were packing away all of the equipment and instruments, him and his group of friends also decided to help, when no one else did. And then when me and my friends were walking back, him and his friends were walking behind us and for once, at lunch, when I didn't go the library,
instead, I went and sat in this social area with my friends, he goes aswell and sits with his friends. Like yesterday I sat at a computer trying to print off some music, and he comes to the computer next to me, stands for a seconds, takes ages to put his bag down, and then slowly sits down. And I don't know what these actions mean. I feel like wherever I go, he tries to go too

It's weird because I'd we walk last eachother in school, we'll just quickly glance at eachother, then look away. One time I got really paranoid because I was sat talking to my brother and he was sat nearby talking to whis friend and I heard him go "I'm not even looking at her" and I was like 'what does that mean!?',?

??I've realised that soon the end of year exams start, and during that time we go on "study leave" (which starts from next Monday), meaning we don't have to come into school. And then when my year group have to come back for a few weeks in June to continue our studies, because he's in the year above, he doesn't have to come back. And so it hit me that if nothing happens' I probably won't see him again, I just need to hear other people's opinion on this.?

Sorry that isn't perfect sentence-wise, I'm using my iPad and I'm sleepy and ready to go bed

Can you start a quick conversation with him? As in Small Talk. Ask him what his name is.

Something like, "Hi. My name is <name>. What's your name?"

"It's nice to meet you <his name>."

Then maybe some comment about how it's nearing the end of the school year. "have you been studying for the exams?"

"Do you have any plans for study leave?"

If you like him, ask him for his number, or contact info.

"Well it was nice meeting you." (Maybe throw in some "Well Wishes" such as "Have a nice day!")


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