Burning when going pee right after SEX? Ideas?

Hey everybody! So I dont know if this is weird or not.? I am 25 years old, so probably one of the oldest women on this website but I didn't know where else I could get advice from like I can on here.? So this has been going for a long time now, pretty much everytime after I have sexual intercourse with my long term boyfriend, David.? I have had some Unirary Tract Infections throughout my Sixth year relationship with David.? Recently, I been having more than usual...I had a UTI about three or four weeks ago, and I saw my Doctor to get antibiotics. Now, yesterday was the first time we been intimate since then and I think I might have another UTI but I think it could be more than that...because everytime after we have sex I go pee which is recommended and it burns really bad! Now, that cant be because of a uti all the time, right?? I mean it doesn't seem like its?normal that it would burn when you pee after you have sexual intercourse with your partner.? I also took all of the precautions as well.? We use a lot of lubicrant so its not like I was too dry and it didn't hurt at all during sex.? I also wipe myself good down there, wash myself, drank plenty of water, and I went pee; yet, it still burns everytime! Thoughts??

​Honesty, this is starting to get kind of annoying...it makes me not want to be intimate ever ago if I am going to have to keep on seeing my doctor.? Sometimes, it sucks being a woman...

It could be the lube you are using.

I usually experience some burning when I pee after sex and that's without any condoms or lube. Maybe your vag is just still irritated and healing from the UTI. You mentioned it burns reallly bad which is concerning; I'm sure it's nothing serious but you might want to mention it to your doctor.?

I have the same problem. As long as the burning goes away it's not an issue. My doctor told me that it burns because bacteria gets up there and it's getting flushed out

it sucks being a woman, I agree, we always got sick and infection...
Go to see your doctor, and take your boyfriend with you, check together~


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