Confusing guy?

Last summer this guy I had been hanging out with for few months (we were into eachother... at least i thought so) ?had sex, and it was my first time with a guy. Anyways after we had sex we just didnt see eachother again, I was okay with this because I didnt have sex with him because i loved him or anything. This might sound bad to some but it just kind of happened.?

Flash forward a few months, we hadnt really talked and all of the sudden he started texting me again. Now I was i having some. completely normal, sexual urges, I fiugred that he would be a safe place since I had already had sex with him, and I hadnt made that progress with anyone else in my life during the time that we were not talking.?

?He hits me up almost every weekend, and at first he was saying how we should hang out. But this last (most recent) time, I suggest that we should hang out (I honeslty just want to have sex, ?I know some people want more than that but I just dont, emotional connections have never been easy for me) and then he never reples? Does this mean he isnt interseted, should I have waited for him to make his move? I dunno what is going on. Seems like too much work (to me) for someone who just wants some quick and easy gratification... I just want to know why he would string me along after initiating everything? Your input would be awesome!


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