I've never actively sought out a guy before, like I always, always wait until I am approached first. ?I just don't feel like I have the skills/confidence to approach guys out of the blue. Sooo I need some tips! Like how not to be too forward, or how to keep them wanting more? I have never done it before! I think i'm releitvely cute I guess, I mean I don't think im hideous just not super hot either xD How do you tell if a guy is intersted/ receptive? Also, I am 18 and ?I dont have my own car (it's taking me forever to save up) so how do you make hangouts work when you don't really have your own transportation? Any tips, ideas, comments whatever will help!! :)?

Typically women master the art of non-verbal flirting, which entices the man to approach.

Women also master the?subtlety so if the man doesn't approach, she can claim she wasn't flirting at all. ("I'm just absentmindedly twirling my hair with my finger while looking in his direction.")

I think there are youtube videos on this non-verbal flirting for women so you can learn how to send those signals to men.

(Men on the other hand are not necessarily good at picking up on these non-verbal flirting signals, which tends to frustrate both parties.)

(Also know, if you're a woman, you're already in. You're already on the list of people men want to meet. Men are just dying to meet women. Some may not be as bold as others to approach. They want to see a cluster of body language signals that tell their emotional brain it appears safe to approach. Oh, and you can also research Body Language, which helps you read others, but also made me more aware of my own body language.)

Best wishes!

when a guy you like checks you out, ?project sexy body language , smile at him, dress tight, act feminine and inviting. you can have a friend let him know you find him appealing. the rest is up to him.?

I think guys are attracted to confident girls. Also my b/f said that he thought I was cute but also sexy because he could see my bra down my shirt because I never button the top button on my shirts. He said if I was confident enough to show off some but not seem slutty, that was the girl for him. Then once I had his attention we found a way at a party to start talking.?


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