excerize and sex

hey gurls,
its been a while since ive logged into here and I'm hoping to chat about some topics. I would love to talk to someone who has a relationship with working out. I used to be extremely fit and over the past 3 years I have let myself go and would like to get myself back on track, I just dont even know where to start. Any motivational tips? suggestions?

I am a lesbian girl living in brooklyn in need of some conversation, it can start with exercize but possibly turn into something else. I'm looking for friends of any kind, just platonic or we could possibly turn it into something more...anyway i look forward to chatting with some fellow gurls about this stuff.?

you just have to do it...make it a habit.? your motivation should be remembering when you were in better shape.? I always feel better after going for a run...exercise releases endorphines and other chemicals into your body which bring on feelings of refreshness and elation.

my family always made me exercise since twelve along with vegetarian diet so i beautiful for men

When I first started a regular exercise routine it was so I could get in shape for a vacation I desperately needed. I didn't tell myself, "Okay, lose 20 lbs" and struggle through it, but rather I told myself, "Let's shoot for three lbs and then maybe another three after that." In other words, don't try to tackle your entire goal in one bite, but break it up into little bite size bits and chip away at the overall goal. At the end of each mini plateau, give yourself a small reward like a cute trinket or treat yourself to a movie you want to see. These things will draw you along and before you know it those pounds will start dropping off and you'll actually enjoy the process of working out. I'm now in the habit of going to the gym twice a week and I really like doing it. It keeps the weight down and it's also healthy for the mind and general well-being.


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