Has any girl/guy had a Sugar Daddy? (18+ only)

I'm in my last year of A-levels, so that's an obvious that I'm very very busy with school work, so i don't have time for a job. I really want to go travelling for a month before I (maybe) go to Uni in September, so I've been contemplating becoming a Sugar-Baby to make the money up. It wouldn't be as busy as a normal job, which means I'd have time for school work etc - and I've heard they pay you an allowance etc??

I was just wondering If anyone on here has ever had a sugar daddy-relationship, and how it worked out for you?

I've been in the sugarbowl for a little over 9 months and I'll be open and honest with you. If don't feel that you have enough time for a vanilla job you probably wouldn't have time to be a sugarbaby. It takes A LOT of time and effort especially in the beginning. You have to research A LOT and then it can take months to find a real SD. If you do pursue it, you'd probably have to find someone who only wants to meet once or twice a month.?

my sd is a sixty five year old guy from scarsdale new york from ?usa that owns factory in taiwan. he is in taiwan one week a month. ?a travel agent friend of mine introduced us. i am mostly arm candy for him at parties and meeting but i share his bed often. he is very sweet and loving to me. he gives me a good monthly ?allowance for being his good little girl.?

I kind of always wanted to have a Sugar Daddy but then I got into a relationship with my boyfriend pretty early on in my college career.? I was only 19 when I met him but then I fell for him hard and six years later, we're still together.? But I always had a fantasy of having an older married man in my life to take care of me when I wasn't ready for a serious committed relationship.? Good luck!? Just be careful and try not to get too attached!

No. I don't really believe in depending on a man for things all the time.?
I don't feel right about that and I would rather work for things on my own..?

But that's my opinion.

Never thought about it. What can you 'earn'? Is it like escort, or no sex?


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