Psychic readings?

Hi ladies, so I'm coming on here just to get info and maybe insight. ?So first have any of you ever talked to a psychic or spiritual advisor? What was your experience? I've seen one in person and I have also talked to several through the website keen. ?Now I am unsure how genuine a lot of them are. ?But from the few online from keen majority seem to have the same reading. ?Now the one I seen in person, she knew a lot of stuff but also told me my bf at the time is the one for me. ?Which clearly isn't true because we are no longer together. ?And someone else told me the same thing. ?However I have been speaking to several on keen regarding my relationships which I currently have trust issues in, but working on them because my bf is showing and telling me he isn't going anywhere. ?However a few weeks after we got together I found text messages in his phone from an ex from hs. ?And with deceitftully digging I found that they still communicated from time to time (not recently) after. ?He even openly admitted to me on one occasion about it, and the first time that I found out he told me he was "testing me". ?Fast forward a lot of the psychics have said that there is a great potential for us to be together because of our connection and he does love me. ?He doesn't have a wondering eye etc. etc and I already told him and he knows if I find something again I'm leaving him. ?But I recently got another reading and she told me that we wouldn't get married and that he still has feelings for this ex and to remember this was not ever supposed to be long term. ?Which is ironic because before we got together I didn't plan on being serious with him and neither did he but he broke with with his most recent ex at the time (who he cheated on with the ex from the hs) and wanted to be with me. ?Even though her reading was negative considering my situation, it kinda has me alarmed and putting my guard back up. ?I understand that I don't need to be snooping and I even myself feel that if I have to dig then we don't need to be together. ?But as a team we are good, he gives me all of his pw. He is with me all the time when I am not at work (even though I don't put anything past anyone) and he just shows me that he is here for me. ?He even admits that he has things to work on and mature and that he wants to be better (he is a year older than me) and we talk about the future and having kids etc. etc. But idk, I guess with all the recent passing of my relatives in the last year and dealing with life I just have trust issues and I am trying really hard to break down the wall. ?And i guess the psychics help with that? IDK what do you ladies think?

I tried to talk to physics too but every single one of them is jut false I can't believe them since all they ever told me are false?


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