I lost my confidence

Hi everyone,
Recently I had an accident and lost my front teeth, it ruined my smile and I lost my confidence. My friend told me that I can seek the help from a cosmetic dentistry clinic in Calgary for fixing desirable veneers. But you know I am in stress, I don't know how to handle these sort of stuff. Hope that I can get back my natural smile soon. I feel uncomfortable in social gatherings and have developed severe depression due to this.

Go see them. They'll do everything they can to help you but you have to take the first step yourself.

You can't let your emotions stop you from doing what you should do. You have to take action and contact them or else in the next month or so, you'll be in the same place. Just accept the terms you're in and remember that this will pass!

Be strong and I wish you the best!

There's no doubt that people judge us first based on the appearance of our faces, including our teeth. I can't tell you this doesn't matter or that you should feel good about your appearance with damaged teeth. It isn't only a matter of appearance and confidence but more importantly of oral health. What to do about your present situation is between you and your dentist. I've never heard of a dentist not proposing full cosmetic restoration, especially of front teeth. Whether you can afford the cost is another matter. I have no way of knowing what your dental insurance or health care covers. If the "accident" was someone else's fault, like another driver's, that person or his/her liability insurance should be paying for your dental care. You may need both a dentist for your oral health and appearance and an attorney to puruse your claims.


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