Trouble falling asleep

Hi gurls! I would like to ask, how do you deal with not being able to fall asleep? I usually keep turning around for even 30-40 minutes, or sometimes I am awake for hours in my bed, this happens almost when I am in the dorm room, with others... I have tried breathing techniques, self calming things, and many others, but many nights I am just disturbed by the thought that I have to sleep there and I feel everything is disturbing me (noises, sounds), and just can't sleep.
Anybody with similar problems has any advice??

I have to take 10mg Melatonin every day since I work 3rd shift. It's cheap, natural and no risk of dependency. Been taking it for about 3 years now!

I heard it may actually cause damage since it is a hormone and.. something. :) But I think here thats very expensive and I am not sure I want to spend a fortune... I don't even work shifts. Oh wait I don't even work :( I might import them from the US if its chaep there lol. :D Thanks for the recommendation anyway!?

As long as you are not suffering from any kind of disorder or pregnant, melatonin is completely safe. It was even recommended by a doctor to one of my co-workers. There is no risk of dependency on it and it comes in 2mg, 5mg, 10mg. There is a pretty fine line between taking one of these (even just 2mg) and taking something like Ambien - which can cause grave side effects (yes, I've experienced them) AND risk of dependency. They can be bought at absolutely every pharmacy otc for a out $4.00.?

Well I am not even in the US and a friend just told me she gets hers from Finland because they are illegal in Hungary :D:D?

You can still get them. Lol.?

Good luck anyways!

I usually use either tylenol pm or chamomile/sleepy time tea. The tea works for me, and in my experience gives you some vivid dreams.

And then there's weed.

I drank a lot of chamomile tea in my childhood and it caused me years of terrible constipation :(?

When i was staring my exams i kept myself up for ages just worring but ASMR is amazing and if you watch a few videos to find what works for you it works a treat. I can fall asleep in about 10 minutes without being tired with it now.?

Use Sleep eez


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