looking for new friends!! :)

Looking for new friends! I need to be friends with more like minded girls. No more fake, judgy people in my life :) everyone feel free to message mee.

I'm 25, dorky, a little awkward, love the outdoors and mermaids. Currently finding my way in life and taking time for self discovery.

Heyconsiderme your friend from now on, what's your name and where you from?

Hayy haha jessika from new york

How about yourself?

Hey! My name is Katie! Im from Toronto, Ontario! Id love to be your friend :)

Hi there! I'm Laura, from TX..

Jess from England?

I'm Marissa from North Carolina! Would love some more female friends :)?

Katelyn from Tennessee! Y'all please add me! You can never have too many friends! :D

Hey I'm nicole from new york
I'll be your friend too

Mia from New Jersey ! :)


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