Alright, so i've googled this a million times and all i get is cosmo articles that tell me to use lot of lube and be prepared. But that doesn't answer all my questions. So someone please tell me what the heck is up with anal. Me and my BF want to try and so i want to know what i'm getting myself into -_-. So....does it smell bad, or hurt, how MUCH lube lol. Also, theres obvs going to be fecal matter going on up there, does that come out ever!? And if so what are you supposed to do, wouldnt there be a mess?

Anal, is a killer. It it to tell you the truth fucking painful, it doesnt smell (well in my experiences), but my fucking god does it hurt the first time. When they say lots of lube, lots of lube- all over you all over him. + Wear a condom: 1) You need to be safe. 2) Your boyfriend will be pretty pissed if he ends up getting shit on his dick. I prefer to be on top during anal, as it allows me to be in control of the pain as it goes in, instead of the normal me blaming him.
It doesnt come out, there is no mess- occasionally the condom may be a little on the end, but thats 100% normal. Hope all goes well.

Thanks that actually really helped, one more thing though! Does it feel terrible? I've asked some others and they say that it feels like you have to take a shit. LOL idk why i would want to do somthing that makes me feel like im going to the bathroom? Is it not pleasurable whatsoever?

It literally does feel like you are taking a shit when it's going in.. Weird as fuck, and its painful. But once it's actually in there it is very enjoyable. Its just the getting it in that is so uncomfortable! I know friends, who literally only ever do anal because they love it so much. And I know girls who hate it. I myself am in the middle, I enjoy it but it's a hassle and its extremley painful to get in- the first time I did it was awful, but each time after that has been quite pleasurable.
Definatly give it a try though, it may be your thing! Best of luck Xx

I actually quite enjoy anal. I would make sure than you are incredibly relaxed and comfortable that way you are not tense and cause you more pain. My partner and I have never used lube he just uses my wetness from my pussy, and that is all. It can be a little bit painful, but it soon turns into pleasure. I would start off with a lot of foreplay so you are relaxed and ready. Make sure before you start you have cleaned yourself down there and all that. I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any more questions.

How come no one ever brought this up yet:

Take baby steps. Do lots of your favorite foreplay: the more turned on you are, the easier and less painful it goes in. Start with a finger one night, then two another, then something slightly larger but not as big as a whole penis. I'd say a butt plug or a slender dildo would work. And use plenty of lube.

It would also help if you were "empty" so try going to the bathroom before you start. If you feel "full" or otherwise sense that "pressure" when pressed along the outside of your anus, then try to poop. As far as fecal matter goes, at worst it's residual with a small bit at the tip of whatever you have in your butt. I mean shit comes out of it.

I guess you're right, shit does come out of it. I?was just hoping for an answer like, "No no poop will come out and it's going to smell like daisy!" I wish! I think i'l just have to try it. I think starting small would help a lot. Does anyone use enemas? Or is that unessisary?

i have never done one, so I am unsure

Err so I had an ex and we decided to try this, she ended up loving it and she used to have lots of orgasms and squirt all over the place it was really hot. But there was one time there was an accident I can only laugh about now. So she was cumming hard once and squirting and it pushed me out of her along with other things, talk about a mess it was bad. She was super embarrassed and it was on me and the bed she started crying and saying how sorry she was. I told her it was ok don't worry, not to be upset, shit happens grab a towel. I have a weak stomach for smells thank god I held it in from making a bigger mess. Anyway she grabbed a towel and wiped me off and cleaned the bed and we took a shower together. That was the only serious accident but twice after finishing in her I had a brown streak going down me after pulling out, that was gross,lol. All I can say is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

P.s. It was all worth it.

Lmao. Thats terrible


OMG OMG lolllll.....am scare of Anal and I will never agree to try it man. Am gassy and I can imagine the horror of me doing this lolllll. but dude you are really brave lollll

I am really afraid of it, not pain I can deal with that, but I am worried about him seeing things I don't want him remembering when he thinks about me. We haven't done it yet but he has hinted about it and his hands go straight to my butt so I think it is coming. :/

I tried it twice. The first time, as soon as I started feeling like I was pooping I was like "NOPE WE'RE NOT DOING THIS." And the second time I decided to give it another go, I was kind of tense, and I let him go a little further this time and he shoved the very tip in there and it felt like someone shoved a knife in my butthole. I literally screamed and had to take a few minutes to catch my breath. My butthole bled and I'm pretty sure that was the last time I'm ever trying anal.

It takes a long time to train and try to relax. just need a lot of lubricant. the first time was painful. then the feeling is very unusual, and even pleasant. worth a try.

If you have a toy, i would suggest experimenting with that first, then youll know what to expect when it comes time. Unless you do it regularly, its going to hurt the same every time. Be on top, that way you can control it, and you can prep yourself by fingering your butt with lots of lube, to get it used to being stretched (one finger, then 2, move around...) another thing Ive found is before you go to anal, have vaginal sex, or tons of foreplay, but dont orgasm yet! your nether regions expand to allow for the penis, and is naturally relaxed, so you can put more focus on the moment rather than not tensing up. theres always going to be some pain involved, but you can prepare

I actually ended up having anal by accident the first time (no lube!!) (the guy was an idiot and thought it was my vagina and it was so tight cuz i was a virgin. I thought he was just 'respecting' the fact that I wanted to wait till marriage). Sometimes i would get constipated for a day or two (pushing it back up there, you know?), so no, I never really had any come out except for the residue that was mentioned. I never thought it was too painful, but it feels great! Maybe try a thumb anally while having vaginal sex. If you like it, it will encourage you to want more ;) - and of course, it will loosen you up!

So..you consented to sex with this guy, and accidentally got anal instead, but you're waiting for marriage? Anal counts, too...


Um, what? This one requires some explanation, lol.

For the OP, you probably already did it, but if someone else is thinking about it, I agree with OmgItsRira. I've only heard anal is horrible and I'll definitely never try it, but, and I can't believe I'm saying this, a plug could be fun, and both partners can try that.

If the guy wants to try anal and you don't like the idea, *whispers* pegging... What no I didn't say anything!

How far does the penis go in? I've tried it and it is really painful

It feels great once you're used to it!

I learned a great tip about it:
The anus is a very stretchy organ, but to start with will be uncomfortable taking a big cock. You can do this on your own or with a partner. Get plenty of lube!
Day 1: lube up and slide a finger up there. Slide it in and out for a while and get used to it.
Day 2: do the same but with your thumb
Day 3: now try two fingers
Day 4: try three fingers, but crumple them together so one is on top of the other two.
Day 5: very slowly, and very lubed up, introduce the penis. stop if it hurts, but slide it in real slow. Let him know he might not be able to cum this time, finish him of some other way if neccessary, just make sure you take his cock up there a little.
Day 6: try again, and see if it's anymore comfortable.

I've honesetly had some of the best orgasms of my life whilst doing anal - you just have to be patient!!

Literally have done anal twice now. The first time it went in without much pain, (using lube of course), and it was kinda like "wow this is a big deal?" My preparations including thoroughly making sure I definitely did not have to poop, and washing really good. So I didn't notice a smell or residue. Plus he was ok with residue or whatever anyway, since it was his idea to try it.

Feeling wise: I seriously felt like I had to poop at first. Then once I got used to it, it was like a feeling of... being over-stimulated back there. Kind

Like when you have diarrhea or something and your muscles just feel like they need to push something out, even though there's nothing in there.

Another thing about it no article mention was your hurt hole is like puffy for a while after... and kind of sore, nothing too bad. Thought the puffiness was weird though.

Over all, I would say it's a special occasion thing for us. And... it's something you definitely have to be feeling kinky to do, which neither times did I feel particularly wild. So I might try again in the future, with a few glasses of wine before hand.

I won't try it again, ever! Very horrible experience first (few) times as I was much too young and it was by force. So when I was older and tried it with a boyfriend, it was too unpleasant an association so couldn't do it. He was cool with that. :)

It depends on the size. I tried it with a small or medium sized guy, not sure, above average I guess. But the main reason for it not hurting at all is that he prepared me but that he was super experienced on the matter. He always got his fingers wet with his saliva an spent 10 minutes just massaging the rim, then massaging more inside, then sticking a milimeter of his finger in, literally going this extreme slowly. It was not painful yet as he was moving it was rubbing against my butthole. I have hemorrhoid issues so I asked him to stop.?
Then I had a very bad experience, stupid one night stand, went home drunk with this guy, he refused to use a condom so we agreed on anal. He was really not caring and hurt me a lot and he didn't even take me home the day after even though he lived super close. I really hate myself for going home with him... I had trouble shitting for the next whole day, I was so in pain.
So bigger sized guys should use lots of lube and first massage, with smaller sizes salive and juice from pussy should be enough...
And yes it may smell, I don't know how guys can put up with that.

Luckily my boyfriend of 10 months isn't interested in anal and neither am I.?

I've actually been trying it w my bf and it hasn't been as bad as some people say. it's pretty awesome once you get used to it.

I have tried anal several times with my boyfriend. The first time we used a numbing lube and we used way to much and had to stop because we literally could not feel a thing! And I'm sorry for the tmi but right afterwards I had to run to the toilet to poop and it was just sliding out! Probably to do with the ridiculous amount of lube! The second time (months later) was much better! Less lube and I had a vibrator on my clit so it was very pleasurable. No poop! We had some successful sessions after that and I found it to be a different kind of satisfying, although not something I would do often. We tried once without lube and it was painful for me so we stopped. Hope this helped!!?

Coming from someone who has only had anal I don't enjoy just because it's not for me. It doesn't smell and it never has hurt.

does anyone use laxitives to flush themselves out the day before so there is no mess? i abuse laxitives to diet anyway and feel i would be less stressed not worrying about the poop issue. anyone??


It wouldn't hurt if if it was once every now and then. In your case, it would just make your problem even worse. I wouldn't suggest you do it.

If you are afraid of *stuff* coming out, search for 'enema' or 'anal douche'.

​sorry just going to be truthful dont do it. it hurts so bad. i can not even let my husband go half way in it hurts so bad. FUCK THAT!!!!!!

It literally does feel like you are taking a shit when it's going in.. Weird as fuck, and its painful. But once it's actually in there it is very enjoyable. Its just the getting it in that is so uncomfortable!


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