What is it about her?

So I'm just going to say it. I'm a little jealous of my friend. Any time the two of us go out together, everyone always checks her out and talks to her. Not me. I attached a few pictures of her. What would you rate her out of 10?? I wonder if it's because she's hot? Or more her personality. I know it's probably a mixture of both but seriously, what would you rate her? http://imgur.com/a/x9Q2C

Well I don't seem to be able to view the pictures of her. My guess though is it's not so much her looks as it is her body language. She's probably an extroverted personality that has an easy time talking with strangers, while you're probably more introveted and shy (which is actually attractive to some guys. Yes some guys actually see very attractive women as "out of their league" and they won't approach them.). 

My favorite book on Body Language is this one:
(and used ones are only one cent!)

After reading that book I was better able to read other people's body language, which helps me determine if they want to talk with me; and I became more aware of my own body language and what I was unnowingly saying to others by my body position. I learned to present myself as more approachable and open, rather than closed off.

Hope that helps!



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