Skin regimen?

I'm getting older and I know I should have a skim regimen packed down by now...but I don't! I wash my face but do not use product. I would like to get into a regimen, maybe buy some not too expensive products such as moisturizer, toner and maybe an eye cream. Can any of you share your skin regimens? Products you like? Thank you!

Hi, I have been using skin products and taking care of my skin for a very long time, I get a facial 1-2x per month from Ult (just something basic). I just a clay cleanser to absobr oil throughout the day and a makeup remover from MAC. I also use sunscreen everyday, even if it's not sunny outside. I wash my face twice daily and sometimes three times if I need to remove makeup. Also, I use a facial oil on my skin at night. I also use an anti-aging eye cream. I love Dermalogica skin products and Korres. 

The best place to shop for skincare products is Ulta or Sephora. The sales girls will help you. ou can always look on their websites too.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Hi there! I work in skin care, and I love when ladies start a little younger. Prevention is easier than correction!! First off, never overcleanse. Any washes that give you the 'tight' feeling skin have detergents(eek!) so avoid those. Don't use anything with exfoliation beads or sugars or physical exfoliation in general. This can create micro-tears in the skin that let in bacteria. Surprisingly enough, neutrogina is one of the most neutral things you can use- also, avoid anything scented. I would only wash at night. Next, a toner. Then, a vitamin moisturizer is a great was to go, especially a and c. C is your antiaging vitamin, and A is an overall skin normalized, so any oiliness or dryness will eventually be taken care of. My favorite is the Environ product, it's a medical line with insane results! It's a bit more pricey, so honestly I would only use the vitamins and use a neutrogina wash/toner. Hope that helps! Feel free to message me with any other skin questions:)


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