Do you ever feel as if you've been left behind?

My five year high school reunion is in less two weeks so now everybody is scrambling to add everybody we graduated with, some being people they were down right hostile to while we were in school. But while that's extremely annoying, I did see it coming so that's not what I wanted to discuss today.

Getting all these friend requests (very few of which I accept) allows me to see, sometimes for the first time, these people whom I hadn't seen in five years. I noticed pretty quickly that they all looked like adults now, not the teenagers I went to school with, some of them have changed so much that I can hardly tell they're the same person I saw 180 days out of every year since Kindergartin. 

And then I look at myself and I see only minimal changes in my face. Sure, that could just be my brain playing tricks on me, you never do see yourself as you actually are, but I honestly think I look almost identical to the me I was five years ago


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