I need advice! :(

Hey guys,

I'm super confused about upset by something and I do not know who to talk to about it. Anyways, so the 'problem' i guess is that I was super close with someone, they were like my best friend. But this person has a tendency to be super moody at times and we have had problems in the past but things got solved and everything was great. I was super upset by them moving away because we were so close. Anyways, recently their behaviour towards me was very distant and weird and then they were going through some issues and called me crying one day. I tried talking to them but they just did not want to, so I texted them and tried making sure they were okay and even called after and they didn't seem interested in talking..anyways, after that they kept sending me random texts that were vague and worrisome and no matter what I messaged, they wouldn't really reply. So I sent a message expressing my frustration with that and they just said that apparently they didn't get my messages. To which I told them that it would have been nice to let me know since I'm worried. Anyways, after that I tried talking to them again and they were being sort of cold towards me and didn't answer when I called. So I sent them a long message explaining how I felt, etc. specially about being treated so coldly when I was just concered and worried about them, and they were like don't worry I will talk to you and I have answers to all your questions and all that. At this point I was away on a trip, but continued to message them here and there. When I got back I spoke to them a few times but they never addressed the issue we were supposed to discuss, so I brought it up only to be told repeatedly that they were too busy or tired. This is frustrating for me because I feel like if something matters to you, you would make time to talk about it with someone that apprently you care about. Meanwhile they are still being quite cold towards me..and I just don't even know what to do anymore. I've expressed numerous times how I feel, and its just to no prevail. I don't know if I'm just expecting too much...or if I need to be more patient? It just makes things harder when this person has done something similar to this before, where I needed to talk to them about something and they kept procrastinating it and in the end never addressed the issue properly. I keep feeling like I just need to let it go, but at the same time it's so difficult. I keep trying, but it leads no where. I just don't know what to do!

Hey there! So sorry you are having friend problems, always so hard to deal with! It sounds like your friend is not acting like a good friend to you right now. I know you are trying to be caring and supporting to your friend, but you also have to remember that you need to think about you too! I think you are getting very tired and frustrated with trying so hard but they are not trying to be there for you, if that is the case then I think you have been patient enough and it is time to move on. It is super hard to let go, but it is what's best for you and your stress. This process can be a lot easier by talking to other friends or finding new ones. And I think at the end of any relationship (romantic or friendship) it is a good time to get back in touch with yourself, do things you love to do, try new activities you always wanted to try, be friends with yourself! 

I hope I helped you out a little bit and I hope you feel happy and better soon!


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