He smells down there

My boyfriend wants me to give him oral and I refuse 99% of the time and half is because I don't like doing it because it's tiring and the other half is because he smells down there.  I brought it up last night but he didn't believe me.  The few times I have given him oral was when we'd shower together cause then I knew he wouldn't smell/taste bad,  I just don't know what else to tell him if he did't believe me when I told him last night.

Hey Hey! Well being that you discussed it with him and he does not believe you. There are different things to cover up the taste/smell, trying flavored lub helps sometimes. BUT I would try speaking to him again about it, because it maybe an easy fix. 

Eww he needs to shower and clean himself a lot more than what he's doing now.
Just tell him you'll only give him oral when you shower together......at least that way you know he's gonna be clean

He probably doesn't believe you because he might be embarassed or feel a little insecure about it. If he wants you to not slack off him doing your job, then he needs to wash up. Or do what Mandakim suggested and shower together.

Is he circumcised? If not you might want to KINDLY suggest in a really positive supportive way that he get it done, it makes it feel and smell and taste so much nicer...

Being circumcised has nothing to do with it. Don't tell your bf to do that. Maybe you should suggest different soaps you might like and tell him you like the fragrance on him. You are better off doing that then telling him to cut skin Off his dick lol

Seeing as how it's been pretty much a month since this post was originally posted, I would hope that you got through to him some way and he has begun to clean himself a lot better and more often. It definitely can be embarrassing to hear that your genetalia have a smell, but most people should know that common courtesy is to clean up/wash up/shower/whatever before close contact. 

If it hasn't gotten better then, idk what to tell you other than let him go or something. Hygeine is important! 


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