Hey Girls,

My partner and I are going away for a night later this month. We're going out to dinner and then a movie and back to the hotel where you can assume what we will be doing there. 
I'm not to sure whether I should wear some lingerie or just not wear anything under my dress. I don't know what would be better because I've never worn lingerie before and I'm not sure what a guy would find sexier? I've currently got a red corset with matching underwear and thigh high stockings which I was planning to wear but I'm really unsure now. I'm not sure how comfortable I will be in it if I wear it through dinner and a movie- I don't mind dealing with being uncomfortable especially cause I'm sure it would be worth it in the end.
I know that my boyfriend will be more than happy with either but I'm not sure which is the sexiest option.

Try wearing it around the house for an hour or two and see whether or not you could be comfortable enough to wear it through dinner and a movie.  

If you don't feel comfortable wearing it out to dinner and the movie, you could just change once you get back to the hotel. 
I've done this before and my ex really enjoyed the floor show lol. I just made him sit on the bed while I went to the bathroom to change. His jaw pretty much hit the floor when I walked out. This also gives you a chance to "freshen up" and all that. 
It was also a way for him to see the entire outfit. Whenever I'd wear lingerie under my clothes, he'd just rip my clothes off and wouldn't really pay attention to anything since he just wanted to get me naked lol. 

notwearing panties will save expensive lingerie getting torn off lol

Hmm I think will go with the ligerie cause I did spend money on it and it's something to different to what we're used to. 
I am really excited to see his reaction and I'm even more excited for afterwards! 

Simply love to wear lingerie for my boyfriend!? He loves it and we have intense sex!

I don't get to wear lingerie very often but I love the way it makes me feel. I'd be looking for an excuse to wear it anytime I could.


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