I'm straight, but...

I've always wanted to eat a girl out. Any takers? Lol

Right here!! lol
Willing to return the favor too

i know what you mean

I'm not straight and I've only done it once but seriously, go for it. It's so much fun! I still think about it all the damn time.

I'm not straight either but I enjoy it haha. If you like making someone feel good then go for it! It's especially fun if you get a moaner ;)


The first time I was with a girl that was the fantasy I told her about when she asked me. We had a threesome with her boyfriend. I just knew that I would be able to do it WAY better than a guy because I know a woman's body works. There is not "straight" or not straight... sexuality is fluid and has no labels. as a person of ANY gender, you are attracted to your own gender because you know it and you appreciate it. To touch a woman's body feels like touching a temple, it makes you realize why men must love having sex with women so much. Theyre soft and smooth not rough and hairy, they smell of perfume not manly cologne or deodordant, it is a truly remarkable experience. Even after my encounters with girls I didnt immediately think of myself as bisexual. the sexual relations with women were so much better because there was truly no strings attached and it wasnt awkward like it gets sometimes after you sleep with a guy. Guys can get all weird. When it's just a girl friend, it's perfect

I agree with the others. Also, this is completely normal. Exploration of sexuality is completely normal.

Its pretty normal of you to want to explore. You can easily be straight and just want to experiment.


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