Just Curious- any long-time members?

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brokenxbutterfly:What ever happened to those AWESOME games that used to be like pick these fashion things and we'll tell you a funny little story and what it says about your personality?

I loved their old games! I liked the quizzes that picked out movies and books you would like. I bought the comic book/graphic novel 'Potential' based on that and it was awesome.
TBH wouldn't care so much about all the changed is the boards we still as active.

My membership says since 2009, but I'm pretty sure I've been on this site intermittently since I was about 12! & I'm 22 now. I'm sure it was under different usernames that I don't remember any more... but i still think this is a great site :)

x3sweetheartx3, they rebooted (or something?) the site on March 11, 2009. That's why all of us oldies have that as our "joined:" date, even if you've kept the same name. I'm fairly sure I joined in 2007, my first post on this acount is from January 2008. 

I've been off and on since 2003! And, like most of the girls here, I forgot the password to my old account lol! This site just has a way of bringing people back. I love the community; it's just so unique. :)

I've been on here since 2005! My original username was xladyofsorrowsx. I've had a bunch of others including teeeyeayy and blueandyellow.

gURL used to have lots of drama, so I left. It seems like that side of it may be over.

I orginally was here starting in 99 :-O. Believe me the forums were very odd back then.

I've been here since 2005 or 2006 with many different user names ^.^

I first joined in 2006-2007. I've been on and off, mostly lurking.

Ive been here for 6+ years with different user names. I think one was "m&m_" then some color hahah. I kept on forgetting the passwords and would make new ones. Or I would just play around on the website for awhile. This website has changed so much and I miss the older stuff. I dont like how these boards are now. :/

2006, using the same name which i hate but wont bother to change

lucidkitty:I orginally was here starting in 99 :-O. Believe me the forums were very odd back then.

Ols Lady!!!!! Stop Creepin!!!

The earliest I started posting was in 2005 or so.  I go through phases where sometimes I'm on the site a ton--then I'll have stuff going on and won't log on for a really long time.

I know this thread is pretty old, but I thought I might as well add myself here haha.

I'm turning 21 this year and I've been off and on gurl.com since I was 12 or 13! (I kind of miss old, funky gurl.com sometimes... haha.)
I was under a different user name, though. Sometimes I feel weird being here since I'm not, like, 14 years old, but I saw that there are a decent amount of girls my age on here and it doesn't really hurt to have some place to find advice from people your age, imo.

This is the first time I've been on since my daughter was first born. But I started coming on here when I was 13, I know because it wouldn't let me sign up when i tried when i was 12 lol. I turned 21 in June.

I made an account when I was 13 (im almost 19 now) and used it religiously for years but then i kind of stopped and forgot the password so i just made this new account

I remember some of you ladies!!!

I've been on and off for years, probably since 2007. I origionally started going on gURL because of Rachel Nabors and her comics.

since before the boards existed as boards..

I was in grade 6 or 7... so about 2000 ish.

my friend showed me this site, and we stopped being friends in grade 7. and grade 7 was 2000 for me.

lucidkitty:I orginally was here starting in 99 :-O. Believe me the forums were very odd back then. 

i remember those.... lol werent exactly forums... black background with those bubbly things posts?

Dude I was on this website in like 1999, no idea what my username was back then though.

ow i feel old so thanks for that.

I became a member when I was eleven or twelve and I'm twenty one now. :) 

I have been here since 03 or 04. I think this is my second username. I recently refound the website. I feel kind of old looking at some of the other forums


lucidkitty:I orginally was here starting in 99 :-O. Believe me the forums were very odd back then. 

i remember those.... lol werent exactly forums... black background with those bubbly things posts? 

YESSSSSS!!!!! You are the first person who has remembered them besides me :).

I'm 25 now and just joined again.  But I remember this site from jr high when they had "paper doll phycology" and "make your own" games.  sometime in the 2000s

Since 06. But Ive just recently started coming back here again

I started viewing the forums around 2005ish, can't even remember how I found it! I had a different username for a while but never really posted anything, mostly just read through the boards and made the odd comment. I made this account in 2009 and started posting properly. 

I liked it better back then. It was always so active and always felt like a really tight knit community. The appearance was much better too. Seems like its dying out a bit now which is sad :(

I've been here since 2002-2003ish. I didn't create a username for a very long time and I rarely post now. I love the layout now. It is much more organized. The boards aren't as active as they used to be though. Sometimes I feel too old for the website. 

I've been around on and off since 2004. I just opened a new account today! I loved this site as a teenager!

I joned Gurl my freshmen yr of HS I was just 15, it was me and my childhood bf. I'm 22 now, and randomly today this site popped in my head, I can't believe I remembered my username and p/w and this is not even my original account! It's so crazy how quickly time flies. These message boards got me through some interesting times in HS; forever grateful =). 

I have been on this site since early '09. Man, doees time fly or what? Granted the site is not what it used to be. I remember it being more of a family, ya know?

Not very many people post on the boards any more. Kind of depressing.

I started coming on here in like 7th grade so around 13ish? I turn 26 next month this is my 2nd username and it's been the same since 2009.

raynarose:i joined in elementary school when this place didn't have boards exactly like this ... the entire site was completely different... a girl who i had a falling out with in 7th grade showed me the site, so i can definitely say i've been around this site since 1999 or 2000. i am 25 now. lol woo. i check in ever so often for a week or two. happens maybe 2 or 3 tiems a year. give or take 

Same here, Gurl! It does look totally different. I had one other username, but i've been on the boards since, probably 2000 or 2001! :) I don't check it as often as I used to anymore either. Always fun to come back and check in, though. 

I've been on and off since I was like 12 or 13, kept loosing my username and password.

i was like eleven when I found this site. I'm 24 now.

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