feeling behind

I'm 24 and feel really behind other people my age. I didn't get my first paying job until I was 19 and it didn't last long-like most of the paying jobs I have had.I see other people my age who had thier first paying job at 17-average age of first job for most people my age and now have steady jobs and finished post secondary. I did try going back to college but dropped out to the death of my Grandfather. How can I get over this feeling? I find it hard to stop comparing myself to other people even though I don't like showing it

What have you accomplished? You are 24... still have tons of life left ahead of you. Everyone goes at their own pace. I am 30 and feel I havent accomplished as much as some of those around me.. but have accomplished more than others. At 24... i was still trying to get my degree... didn't have a full time real job.. just part time student jobs. I didn't have a real fulltime adult job til about 26 ish. Life takes time. Don't be discouraged. You will get there at your own pace. Remember we are our own worst critics and will never be satisfied with ourselves if we are constantly comparing our lives to those around us.


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