Am I petty?

Last night I found out a guy I had a crush on in grade 12 was dating a former classmate of ours after we graduated high school and they had been for some time. I also found out they have a one year girl together. The former classmate of ours knew I liked him because she was one of the few people I told.I now feel really betrayed and like she slapped me in the face. I'm not mad at the guy because I don't think he we hadn't talked in years so I have no reason to be mad at him. I do see the girl time to time because I do Avon delivers around her work. How do I handle this? I found out on Instagram by the way.

I feel you just have to get on with your life. Clearly they are two people who were only really in your life during high school, and well let's face... everyone has the right to move on with whomever they want after school. I understand the jealousy thing, because you are romanticizing the idea of the "that could be me" thing... but just remember, your one is out there somewhere, and it clearly wasnt him. Be happy for them! They have a life together and a daughter. That is awesome. Let it be. Can't change it. No reason to be mad at her. You didn't persue him after school, and that is that


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