My fiance is jealous of me with his daughter, is this normal?

Hi guys soon to be stepmom here needing advice. My fiance has a kid from a previous relationship she is 2 almost 3, will be 3 in April, and she's not been feeling good today :( poor baby, but instead of calling out for him she is calling out for me "I want Roro" in her half asleep stage when she gets startled awake briefly tonight while she's not feeling good. Its bothering him and I can tell it bothers him that she's not calling out for him. Everytime I tell him that he knows she loves her daddy he says yup, sure. I know she loves her daddy, but when she's at daddy's I almost positive she associates me as the "mommy" figure at daddy's and when you aren't feeling good where do you run too? You run to mommy of course at this age, and I think he's jealous she calls out for me and is afraid she doesn't love him anymore. Is this normal for there to be some degree of jealousy while he adjusts to everything with me being her eventual stepmom and everything? Honestly I can't fathom why he is getting jealous and upset about her calling out for me while she's not feeling good except for maybe insecurity, this child runs to him gleefully every time he goes to pick her up from her mom's, she says I love you daddy of her own free will with no prompting whatsoever, she gives him kisses and hugs, tonight she is just not feeling good and wants me instead of him. What can I do to help make him feel better? Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this before and may have an insight into why he's reacting this way?

I do not think. that this is normal.

I think it's normal for him to have initial feelings of jealousy, but he should get over it and just be happy that she likes you and thinks of you as a positive figure in her life. Maybe it has something to do with his relationship with her mother and insecurity over his daughter liking her mom more than him. I'm just speculating though. It wouldn't hurt to talk to him about it if he's open to it.?

it's normal, you need to talk

This is absolutely normal. She's a girl. I'm a girl and when I've been sick I want my mommy, dangit! Does it mean I don't love my dad? Of course not, but she's seeing you as being the compassionate nurturing one because you're a woman. Sure there are girls out there who are close with their fathers, but for the most part I think girls want their moms when they aren't feeling well.


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