Friend's wedding !!

Hey, my friend is preparing for her wedding. She is totally excited because it's her dream come true moment. She wants to look like a princess on that day. She has already made her plans for her wedding. She has ordered a pretty and an expensive gown. She had taken an appointment for a well-known makeup artist. She is in search of jewelry now. But her teeth are in yellow color. Last day during a party, one of our friends suggested a dentist in Toronto for teeth whitening so that her teeth may look perfect. She wanted her teeth to be white since they are in yellow color. She wanted to do teeth whitening but the problem is that the teeth whitening procedure may take time to get the result. As her wedding is fixed for next week, this time won't be enough for the treatment. Are there any DIY methods that we can try to improve the color of teeth? Is there any similar procedure which takes less time for the result? If she takes this teeth whitening procedure, will it show the result by this Saturday because her bachelorette party is scheduled for the same day. Please give me?replies as soon as possible.?


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