Best friend's boyfriend might be a creep! Help!

So this past weekend, I through a Halloween party and I had friends and famiy there. My best friend from high school brought her new boyfriend for me to meet. He was nice and seemed really cool but I found out the next day from my mom...MY MOM...that when he went to hug her goodbye, he let his hand slide down and grabbed her butt! I was livid! You do not come into my house and sexually harrass my mom and get away with it! She even said there was a moment when my best friend was puking outside by the door and my mom and her boyfriend were right there. He turned around to walk back inside to get something and he tried to rub/grab out to my mom's private area but she stepped back when she saw it. This happened before the butt grab and she thought nothing of it until he grabbed her. She was mad, in shock, and is no longer comfortable having my friend's boyfriend around anymore. Do I tell my friend? How do I tell her? I know if I tell her, I'm going to lose her until she breaks up with this new guy. I know this because she did the same thing with her last guy who ended being her fiance for a bit. Long story short on that one...he was physically and emotional abusive...I told her I didn't want to be around him and she deserves better so she chose to no longer speak to me unless they were fighting. Should I tell her?

that her boyfriend sexually assaulted your mom? absolutely.

You absolutely HAVE to tell her! Not only is he a creep, he could be potentially dangerous. If he's unafraid to be that bold to a complete stranger in their own home, there's no telling what he would do behind closed doors if he was given the oppurtunity. In this case I think it would be best to be completely straight forward with her, if she does not believe you, and chooses to stay with him,?than you've done all that you can do. Have you considered talking to your friends mother as well?


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