Should I apologize after 5 years?

I recently found out a friend I had in high school goes to the same college I do. We became friends five years ago, and he was kind of shy and quirky (like me). We had a lot in common and we talked every day. One day a group of people asked if we were dating, and I said, and they said well, he likes you. I immediately panicked and jumped to all kinds of conclusions, and I felt really awkward around him. I wasn't certain how I felt about him at the time, and I was kind of questioning my sexuality and going through a rough patch, and I started ignoring him. Eventually we stopped speaking altogether.

My feelings then don't in any way excuse my up and ignoring him, and I realized it was an awful thing to do. I can look up his email in the school directory, but... Should I apologize? Maybe he's forgotten me, or doesn't ever want to hear from me again. If you think I should, should I do it over email or request to meet him in person?

Thinking on it now, if we had dated, we probably would've made a good pair. He was a good person and a good friend. I want the chance to make things right, if I can.


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